The Book Made for People Who Are Short on Time...

Learn How to Find the Hidden Time Opportunities in Your Day and Utilize Them to Get the Things You Want to Accomplished, Without Feeling Like You're Cramming More into Your Schedule! 

"5 Stars! I've read many books on organization before, but this is my favorite! Katelyn Silva's friendly, matter-of-fact style walks you through the mind-set of enjoying a productive, yet manageable, organized life. Sprinkled with humor and many examples from her own life, Katelyn gives a practical, step by step system which guides you through searching out the things that really matter to you, eliminating the time-wasters and effectively incorporating wise habits to ensure your days are spent productively. I highly recommend this book!" - Amazon Reviewer

After Writing and Publishing Several Books, All While Working Full Time, Attending Classes, and Raising My Babies...

Friends and family were asking me... "How do you do it?!"


So, I wrote a book called Become a Time Master to show my exact process, so you can finally start accomplishing the things you want to, while avoiding burn-out and without feeling like you're cramming too much into your day. You'll know what to do and what not to do.

Who am I? 

Here's a Sneak Peek of What's Inside...

Inside This Book, I'll Be Showing You:

  • How to Get in the Right Mindset and Keep it so You Can Stay in Momentum

    The right mindset cannot be overstated enough. From CEOs to championship athletes, those who accomplish the most started with the right mindset. I'm showing you exactly what that mindset looks like, how to get into it, and how to sustain it.

  • Get Crystal Clear on Where Your Time is Going & What You Want to Accomplish

    Whether you like to go with the flow or plan every moment (or somewhere in between), there is one thing those who are the most productive have in common. Clarity. I'm showing you how to get crystal clear on where your time is going, as well as what your end goals are so you can take the right actions one day at a time to reach those goals.

  • Exactly How to Effectively Map Out Your Day so You Can Get the Most Out of Your Time

    Once you have clarity, it's important to then become effective and efficient in what you accomplish. I'm showing you exactly how to map out your time each day so you can rest easy knowing you got your priorities, and things you wanted to, done.

  • How to Avoid Burn-Out (and What to Do if You've Already Been Feeling It)

    Part of the struggle with time management is that it feels like a rollercoaster. For a time, it feels like you're on top of it, organized, getting things done, etc. Then, suddenly, everything goes into chaos again and it feels like an uphill climb to feel like you're utilizing your time efficiently again. You get burned out even trying to get everything done and by the end of the day, you're totally exhausted.


    I'm showing you how to navigate that gracefully, come out on top every time, and stay in your momentum without the exhaustion and burn-out.

  • What to Do to Always Accomplish Your Goals and Priorities, Without Sacrificing Time with Loved Ones or Your Health

    A lot of time management material teaches mapping out every second of every day. It can feel like there isn't any time left for the most important stuff. However, in this book I'm showing you how to accomplish your priorities and the things you really want to get done, while still having plenty of you-time and loved one time.

  • The Secret Sauce to Truly Mastering Your Time

    It's not what you think. In fact, most of the time, it's the simple stuff, the stuff that's often underestimated and overlooked, which is the most important. I'm showing you how to feel like you're truly a time master.

So, Are You Ready to Finally Become a Time Master?

What Are Others Saying About Become a Time Master?

Become a Time Master Has Already Helped So Many People Around the World

Are You Ready to Be the Next Success Story?

When You Get the Book Today, I'm Also Giving You These Amazing Bonuses for Free!

Bonus #1: Comprehensive Digital Workbook

"Become a Time Master Take-Action Guide"


Total Value: $27

Along with the book, you'll receive this beautifully designed printable workbook to dig into each exercise, get crystal clear on your time, and even use it over and over again!

Get This Free When You Order Your Copy of Become a Time Master Today!

Bonus #2: Special Video Training

"Get the Most Out of Your Time to Become Effective and Efficient"


Total Value: $47

It's not always enough to just plan your time, or become aware of your time. It's also important to make the absolute most of that time you're blocking out.


Learn exactly how to do that in this special video training.

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Bonus #3: Full Become a Time Master Audiobook

Get the Full Audiobook of Become a Time Master!


Total Value: $15

Prefer to listen? 


When you order your copy of Become a Time Master today, you also receive the full recorded audiobook. It's downloadable so that you can listen in the way you enjoy best!

Get This Free When You Order Your Copy of Become a Time Master Today!

Are You Ready to Get Access to All These Amazing Bonuses and Master Your Time?

Inside of This Book, Here Are Just Some of the Things You'll Be Learning!

  • Wondering if this is really even possible for you? Let me prove it to you. Learn how to get immediate results from the start.

  • The #1 biggest critical factor in your success and results.

  • Where your time is really going and exactly how to take it captive.

  • Why I know what works (and what doesn't) - so you can rest assured you're getting proven, truthful information.

  • Where your hidden time opportunities are and how to take advantage of them.

  • How to avoid losing track of time or suddenly realizing you've spent an hour scrolling through social media.

  • What to do when you feel like you don't have time - and how to get more focused without having to cram more into your already-busy-schedule, or feel overwhelmed trying to get things done.

  • The real reason why you haven't been able to make the progress you want to thus far. (pg. 20)

  • How to eliminate distractions and burn-out.

  • What to do when you feel like you have way too much to accomplish and not enough time to get it all done.

  • What to do when you're surrounded by the doubters who say you can't do it (and where to get massive support to keep you going.

  • ​The #1 thing you must have before you even start (and why you need it).

  • My secret to always staying in momentum, even when life turns into chaos.

And That's Just in the First Couple of Chapters!

You'll Get So Much More Inside!

Here is My Guarantee

I guarantee that you'll gain massive value from and love this book, so much so that if you don't, I'll return your money.


Just reach out to our support team via email, share your order confirmation number, and we'll even let you keep the book.


So if that sounds fair to you...

  • Here Are Your Next Steps:

Maybe you're wondering if it's really possible?


Why am I including so many bonuses?


Here's the deal...

1. It's a way of saying thank you for being a part of my community.

2. It's an opportunity to get one of my products into your hands. And, when you get massive value out of it and results with your accomplishments, you'll want to keep getting more from me in the future.


3. The truth is, many of the time management information out there has become full of fluff that makes it feel more overwhelming instead of doable. I wrote this book to be time-efficient (it's short and to the point for those people who don't have loads of time to read, take notes, etc.), to be effective, and to truly help you implement and start getting results immediately.


4. It pushes my mission further. I'm trying to help 10,000 individuals master their time and productivity, so they can start living a more fulfilling life and experiencing more freedom.

Become a Time Master

The Book That Was Made to Help You Truly Master Your Time

Are you ready to finally overcome the struggle and instead feel accomplished?

P.S. For those of you who hate reading long pages, here's the recap:


1. I've been able to accomplish my biggest dreams of writing and publishing several books in the last few years, all while working full time, attending classes, and being a mom to my babies at home.


2. For $1, you can get the book I wrote teaching step-by-step my proven process so you can also start getting more of what you want accomplished, without cramming more into your schedule. 


3. When you get the book, I'm also including 3 bonuses to set you up for success. One is a comprehensive workbook with exercises and additional training so you can implement and start getting results. There is a special video training to get the most out of your time. You'll receive the full, downloadable audiobook, in case you prefer listening.


4. You can try it out, and if you don't get any value out of it for some reason, I'll refund your $1.

About the Author

After a life-long dream of being a published author, and several struggles and pitfalls along the way, I published my first book in 2015 while working full time, attending college classes, and taking care of babies at home. 


The book was a flop, which led me to immerse myself completely in learning the industry. I bought courses, hired mentors, and kept writing and publishing. Since then, I've gone on to write and publish numerous other works and learned what it takes to publish a bestseller. 


I now work with aspiring authors who have struggled for 10+ years to finally write and publish a bestselling book and establish a growing author platform for success. 


My great loves are my family and writing, so when I'm not supporting other writers, I love being with my loved ones and crafting new books. 


To learn more about working with me on a personal level to write and publish your bestselling book, go to

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